Different day, same tweet?

It has nearly been a month since I opened this blog! Surprising seeing as I was hesitant to start blogging in the first place. The same happened with Twitter, I used to have a small vendetta against Twitter – which soon passed and now I have nearly 2,000 tweets! Oops. Anyone noticed how much Twitter is used now compared to Facebook? Or perhaps where Myspace or MSN went?

The good old days when people were all on Myspace, or their-space as is would technically have been! Facebook was the next best thing, and of course it stayed that way for a while until the very simplistic but enjoyable Twitter was introduced. Now everyone is using it. That may be a bit of a general way to put it but hey ho! I somewhat reluctantly joined Twitter after so much had been said about it to see what all the fuss was about. Fuss away! It is rather addictive and quite fun too. No random picture albums clogging up the news feed or timeline, no constant poking or app invites to Farmville either!

After about a year and a half I was persuaded to begin blogging! You know who you are (haha). Therefore – well I began blogging. Not that I am easily persuaded or anything but I just felt like sharing my stories with anyone who decided to click onto my page! Here I am, nearly a month into my blog life and surprisingly hooked.

Is Twitter an essential app for your iPhone or dreaded Blackberry? Eww, a different post shall be written about Blackberry’s I assure you! If i can be bothered of course. I use Twitter every day, as many will know if you follow me. If you don’t, you should! Have you had every social networking site possible? Only recently I managed to cancel my account with Myspace and jeez that was a nightmare.

It asks you to click a link to send you an email with a confirmation of cancellation. But no matter how many times I requested the email to come, it wasn’t sent! This was frustrating to say the least. After that failed on 78 different occasions, I decided a firmer hand was needed. Online it was to google – our much loved friend, apart from Jeeves who doesn’t talk to me anymore. There is another way to cancel your account on Myspace, you must fill out a form that confirms you are the owner and wish to delete the account! Yey. Long story relatively short, Myspace is no more! For me anyway. Twitter, Facebook occasionally and WordPress are the way forward for me. What do you think?

Speak soon!


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