Today was my first day back at uni, I say ‘day’ I was really there for only 2 hours. The first lecture of the third and final year, already I can see that my promise of becoming a semi hermit to study will soon become true! In just one hour, a huge bucket load of information was released to us. Thinking of it this way, a year at university is not even that long. Therefore sooner than I think I will be finished and moving to the next stage!

Update pretty much done so far, I realised I haven’t blogged for a bit. Oh dear. So Saturday night was my friends 21st party/night out. It was very cool indeed. A limo was arranged to pick us all up to drive into soho for a meal out in Burger and Lobster before moving swiftly onto a nearby cocktail bar. All was arranged very well beforehand and made the night very enjoyable. Back at 2am by limo, before splitting up and crawling (almost literally) into our nice cosy beds. Good times! Of course no names will be mentioned just for the fact I haven’t asked if they would mind or not. But nonetheless, great night, amazing company and as always a huge laugh. Loved it. 

Thanks for the fun night! You know who you are! haha. 

Speak soon. 


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