A random, random observation!

Boredom always causes random thoughts, regardless of what your doing – evidently not much if you’re erm…bored. Anyway, I’ve made an observation again! YouTube is my friend here.

OOTD – ‘outfit of the day’ for those who don’t know! What is this? Personally I have about 3 outfits per day. Mine would be called ‘outfit of the morning’, ‘outfit of bored lazing around’ and finally ‘outfit of the evening’. In other words: a towel, a lazy outfit and a nice outfit. Or something like that. Is it there to help others chose an outfit? I’m not sure, I have watched a few obviously, what with research purposes and all. There’s so many of these too on YouTube, it makes it more difficult to chose outfits!

** crying into my fifth OOTD **

Moving onto the ‘tag question’ videos. Have you seen these? Why are they always questions no one would ask! I haven’t walked up to anyone and said “hey, what sort of soup would you consider blending together with hula hoops?”. Failing getting stabbed or punched at the least I would probably have the mental institute on my arse. Do we even have an effective mental institute now? Damn I sound like Dory.

Just a few thoughts anyway. Not an insult to anyone who does these videos, just a mere observation.



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