Third year is nearly here already! University has gone so quick so far. Especially when I think of how far I’ve come with law! GCSE, A-level and now Uni. What next? That’s the real deal now and it’s rather exciting.

I’ve attempted to keep a few routes open, you know – dip your fingers in many pies and all that! So I have to finish my degree and hopefully gain a training contract with a law firm. However, in case it proves difficult, I have a steady job to fall back on whilst I still try with that. Never know I could make my way into the legal department of Esso and move on from there. Also today I have somewhat negotiated my way, possibly, into low level politics! That’s right – politics. I want to be busy and I want to be part of everything, so to speak anyway.

So here’s my dilemma, do I get involved in politics while working part time, whilst doing my degree and talking my way into law firms? I think it’s a yes. It looks better, it’s experience and all three routes available could get me to where I want to be – if not better. Yes I am optimistic, not stupid. I am determined too. There’s no way I wish to become a bum, living off of government handouts. Too much is given on a silver platter to the people who don’t deserve it! I won’t get into a political rant anyway.

With any luck I can make changes in the future! But I won’t get my hopes up just yet. I know more confidence is needed for that at least. What I do know is that either way I want to get to where I want to be and have wanted to since a young age.

Thought I’d share this relatively exciting news with you all!

Keep the views up, bye for a bit.


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