My project.

So I've finally returned to my little project. I did intend to get everything on my Audi sorted out as fast as possible, and also do a few other things to it too. That kind of went downhill after a week or so. Not because I couldn't be bothered, but because I didn't have any … Continue reading My project.


Christmas time, mistle toe and lots of wine!

It's nearly Christmas again! Yes it has come around rather quickly this year, and just saturday I saw a bit of snow at 6.30am. I was at work at the time, not randomly laying awake waiting anxiously for santa! Of course not many others saw this snow and I found myself telling many of it.¬†Unlike … Continue reading Christmas time, mistle toe and lots of wine!

Tax, tax and more tax.

A two tier road tax is currently being mooted and studies are being carried out too. Has anyone read this? If people do not pay the correct tier they shall not be allowed on any major roads, A-roads or motorways included just to emphasise there. Quite frankly this is utterly ridiculous and unbelievable. Following on … Continue reading Tax, tax and more tax.

Third time lucky?

So this is my second attempt at a blog challenge, and it hasn't gone too well. I haven't posted since the early hours of the morning! A few more likes have accumulated today however - thanks. I will try to recover this challenge by posting a few times tonight. That's in between doing seminar preparation … Continue reading Third time lucky?