Midnight blog.

It’s 3.31am, so straight away my title makes no sense. For some very peculiar reason I opted to help out with the night shift at work. I finish at 6am, and generally drive home and crawl into a crisp cold bed to quickly fall asleep. However, tonight I thought I would share my shift experience with anyone who can be bothered to read it!

So, by around 1am everything has pretty much been finished because we are awesome – evidently. Therefore it’s a pretty easy going shift to be on. My bed has suddenly become more desirable and comfortable in my head, more so than it has been these last few early mornings. Which leads me to this: why are people coming to fill up in their pyjamas between 2am and 6am? Are they sleep-filling? Dreaming too intensely? Or could they just not sleep and decided a drive was the best way to deal with it? The truth very much so remains a mystery.

I would ask an unsuspecting customer but I fear the response would be something I need not hear. I have however made an interesting observation.

That is, an observation which may be flawed by over active thinking of a person deprived of sleep. But it is an observation, nonetheless. Simply; people are more generous and easy going at night time hours! “Keep the change”, “how’s your day been?”, “have a good night”, “thats a pretty uniform” and so on. This is scary. More so than the opening and closing doors at random intervals during the shift. The spontaneous noises coming from the eerily empty forecourt and car wash, or the customer in the toilet that neither me or my colleague realised was still taking that daily dump.

At least I get tomorrow to myself without the worry of work or daytime customers. These night time customers seem to willingly fart a tremendous amount whilst taking a peewee, this is very disturbing whilst I try to keep my eyes open to read Yahoo! or Hello! magazine. No one should have to listen to a random stranger release their daily gases, especially when it is accompanied by the nearby burnt manure of the farm adjacent to our site! Anyway, I suspect not many would have read this far. So I shall end with a ‘Jerry springer’ style final thought:

– “take care of yourself, aaaaaandd each other”…have never understood why he says this after allowing many inbreds to attack each other over nothing.

Bye all!


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