iOS 6 maps.

Since the release of iOS 6, much debate and criticism has arose regarding the new maps. I for one admit it isn’t perfect, but this is surely understandable due to it’s complexity. Coupled with the flyover feature and 3d mapping it is certain that errors or issues would arise. People seem to believe that Apple ‘can’t possibly make mistakes therefore Samsung must be better’. I’ve even read an article and tweet stating simply: ‘do not upgrade your iPhone’ [due to maps errors]. This is very narrow minded. For one; the new maps are from iOS 6, not the iPhone 5. Second; are you seriously suggesting that its not worth upgrading purely on the basis on a flawed maps application? When in reality you can use your iPhone 5 to load up – or download – google maps and use that again? 

Many seem to share this one track opinion, many, many others however chose to ignore it – including me. Not because I’m an ‘Apple fanboy’ or whatever the label has become, simply for the fact that I prefer the iPhone to say, the Samsung s3 or the Nokia Lumia. So please, if you are looking at reviews of the iPhone 5 and being inundated with ‘problems of the maps’ and ‘do not upgrade’ chants, look past this and see what is good and what the iPhone does offer. 

Make an informed decision, not a hindered one. 


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