Iphone 5.

So today I finally recieved my Iphone 5. It took around 30 minutes to fully set up, by this I am referring to everything such as apps, mail, contacts etc. This is all done by iCloud so it was all easy and simple to do – not complaining here then. Onto the phone itself. I purchased the 16gb, white handset – as below:



As soon as the lid is off you are confronted with a large, shiny screen filling the entire box space. First impressions? It looks so much more impressive than the iphone 4 and 4s. Granted the difference in size may not seem like much, but it makes all the difference when it is comfortably resting in your hand. For ratings on the look alone, I would say it was perfect – not one flaw plagues the appearance of the handset. In the box; the handset (rather obvious), the new Lightning connector, the new earphones, the sim (dependent on purchase situations) and the booklets or little details.

Obviously I switched it on and sorted out all the gritty bits, such as swapping my number to the new nano-sim and all of the necessary information from the iPhone 4. Again this did not take a huge amount of time. First impressions on performance and look; the speed of the newer processor is very noticeable, especially when comparing load up speeds and so on with my iPhone 4. The larger display is a very welcoming feature, the home screen doesnt seem as cramped and compact with all of the apps on the screen. The brightness of the screen has improved significantly, and the overall responsiveness is impressive – to say the least. So far so good.

By now everything has been set up and downloaded back onto the iPhone 5. Leaving me with the freedom to play around with it all. The camera is a nice improvement, the panaromic setting is also very cool – not much to be said on this subject. The phone itself feels incredibly light to hold, very thin but also remarkably comfortable. It is just big enough to be easily usable but not a strain to use every part of the screen with one hand. The charger is very handy for those nights where you want to plug it in and have to fiddle around trying to put it the right way up, this goes in either way – thank you Apple. A little detail but the relocation of the earphone jack to the bottom of the phone makes the appearence of the handset much cleaner and smoother.

iOS 6 works even better on the iPhone 5 combining the speed of the handset with the smooth and fluid performance of the updated operating system. Navigating through the phone a noticeable difference occurs when touching an app icon or link in the response times and loading times. The new nano-sim is extremely tiny, so be careful when opening everything up at once. Inserting the nano-sim was fiddly – but what isnt now with technology? It is obvious just how much space has been preserved inside the handset by decreasing the size of the charger and sim space needed.

My conclusion; many may think that “not much is different” but I would say to them to have a play with the iPhone 5 because most of the differences are shown when using it. Excluding the obvious larger handset and screen. I wouldnt simply suggest anyone gets the iPhone 5 just “because its newer” – I would suggest you read into the differences and, as stated, maybe play around with one to get a real feel for it. Personally I love the iPhone 5 and everything it has to offer, but this is not going to be a shared view of everyone – nothing is.

I hope this has helped, I shall continue enjoying my iPhone 5! Any comments about what you think of your iPhone 5 please leave below and I will respond!

See you soon!


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