Today’s tech – smartphones.

We all know the ongoing arguments and debates surrounding smartphones. Furthermore we all know the tension this can cause between fans of the differing smartphones available to us.
Just for clarification purposes, the main phones on the market are: Apple’s iPhone, Samsung’s Galaxy s3 and Nokia’s Lumia. For the purposes of this review I will be addressing the first two mentioned mainly throughout.
Now, the reason I speak only of the iPhone and Galaxy s3 is that – as everyone should know – these are caught in a fierce battle and have been for a while now. Both regarding technology and legal issues. For me especially this has been very interesting and I have felt compelled to follow its every turn. This shall not be detailed here however.
A comparison between the two would be quite pointless, as I would be deemed an ‘apple fanboy’ and so on. Therefore I will simply say this; I feel that the smartphones now have all reached a stage whereby the only way forward at the moment is refinement. Apple has held the stage for a good time period now and all others have caught up, especially Samsung. Being a consumer mainly of Apple products, I can also say I have owned various Samsung products too. Namely; the Samsung Omnia HD, the Samsung D500, the E900 and also the D900i. Having said that – for the purpose of balance – I have owned the iPad 1 and 3, the iPod touch 3rd generation, the iPhone 4 and am awaiting the arrival of my iPhone 5. Thus displaying a decent knowledge of comparison between the two brands. As stated earlier, if many argue ‘what’s different about the iPhone 5?’ I simply reply: “what isn’t?”. People agree more with Android – Samsung’s chosen operating system over Apple’s iOS. Similarly people agree more with iOS over android. It all depends upon peoples preferences. If you want a huge handset with a generally impressive processor etc by all means go for the Samsung s3. If however you prefer style and varied functionality then please chose the iPhone – whether it be the 4, 4s or the 5. There are no significant differences, now the race is on for each company to find the next groundbreaking feature – until then it is a level playing field with regards to smartphones.
For purposes of completeness and clarification, I do personally love Apple products and the company as a whole. However, I have tested and tried various other products from various other companies. Take this as you will, it is merely an opinion from myself.
Hope you enjoyed reading!

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