Meet the Audi, ‘Cassie II’

Finally got my new car today! So exciting, I love the feeling of a new car and was especially pleased when I purchased this: This is a 2003 Audi A3, it has a 1.6l engine pushing 102hp. 0-60mph is around 11 seconds, comes with all the trimmings too! A few added extras are there too … Continue reading Meet the Audi, ‘Cassie II’


Midnight blog.

It's 3.31am, so straight away my title makes no sense. For some very peculiar reason I opted to help out with the night shift at work. I finish at 6am, and generally drive home and crawl into a crisp cold bed to quickly fall asleep. However, tonight I thought I would share my shift experience … Continue reading Midnight blog.

Things that annoy me.

So I've read a few others of these and well, thought I'd do one. Lets begin! 'gangster talk'; this gets to me, in a very deep emotional way. But hey ho, whatever floats your boat homie! Talking about something without reading up on it first! As you can appreciate I have ranted endlessly on this subject with great … Continue reading Things that annoy me.

iOS 6 maps.

Since the release of iOS 6, much debate and criticism has arose regarding the new maps. I for one admit it isn't perfect, but this is surely understandable due to it's complexity. Coupled with the flyover feature and 3d mapping it is certain that errors or issues would arise. People seem to believe that Apple … Continue reading iOS 6 maps.